Travel Insurance




Travel insurance is always suggested to anyone traveling, especially out of the country. 


Travel insurance can provide you coverage in the event you are unable to attend due to canceled flights or flight delays, missed flight connections, bad weather that prevents traveling, some work-related issues that prevent you from attending and some illnesses that prevent you from traveling. It also covers you medically while on the ship and in other countries since your stateside health insurance will not cover you in either of these areas.


Your quote for insurance coverage will be based off of your state of residency, your age and the level of insurance that is requested.


If you selected on your booking form to receive a personalized quote, it should be arriving to you via email shortly. If you declined to have a travel insurance quote sent to you, you can get a quick quote for the most popular insurance plan online through the link below or contact us via text, email or phone and we'd be happy to send a personalized quote your way.


Coverage can include just the cruise or we can add coverage for your airfare, hotel stay, and other travel-related expenses as well.




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